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©2019 Salvador Vega. All client design artwork is not for resale. Portfolio purposes only.

Bilingual NYC-based Design Director with over 7 years of agency experience, a decade of corporate and consumer branding knowledge primarily in the retail CPG industry. Using my team-player, lets-get-it-done-ahead-of-time attitude,  I've used this deadline-driven work ethic effectively to work alongside top level marketing teams and agencies. I come equipped with an education in Graphic and Communications Design and a lifetime of evolving talent, artistic abilities and a chronic desire to keep perfecting my craft. 

I look forward to my creative future and the rest of this journey to be composed
a variety of collaborations and continued additions to my portfolio and
extensions of my experience.





Over 12 years of professional experience with marketing, retail and brand teams working alongside top NYC agencies to refine my branding skills.

Amplifying the brand's message to strategically reach the eyes and ears of consumers is what I have trained to do. Getting the message or product to it's next level is my job.

This is what I do: ideate, design, and create.

Be it through graphic design, marketing tactics, social media presence, retouching, custom lettering or illustration, 

Feel as free to reach out
with any questions, ideas or consulting needs, because
it's absolutely free! 
I love to brainstorm and use my talents to further your business in any/many ways!