Events are fun to attend. Working them from scratch always brings its challenges. I creatively live for the buildup, strategically working with different teams to bring it all to life and relish in its success during breakdown.


Attendees are unaware of the months of planning, days of designing, hours of labor, down to the thrill of the minutes before the start and the hard work it takes in mere seconds to make people take away a memorable experience.



  • Floor Plans

  • Traffic Coordinating

  • Schedules

  • Staffing

  • Organizer Approvals

  • Event Guidelines

Understanding how to effectively and tastefully mesh the clients needs, the brand's message and what the consumer wants to have added to their event experience. 

Below are environments, from mocks to execution.

  • Event Space Rendering

  • Building Spaces

  • Uniform Design

  • Training Staff

  • Supervising Events


Tailoring custom goodies for attendees to take away and remember the brand is
key to maintaining consumer loyalty after the event is well over. Creativity is also needed when working with budgets and ideating premiums that strategically do not compete with the actual product instead supports it's function and serve as a daily reminder if the premium is good enough the consumer would use again and again.


When throwing a party, you have to keep your guests entertained. Who want to be known as the person who threw the bad party, am I right? Same with events, you keep your crowds attracted and educated with simple games and activities that can be enjoyed with large groups of people and an efficient engagement to reach as many attendees as possible.

  • Photobooths

  • Raffles

  • Snapchat Filters

  • Sensorial Games

  • Influencer Signing

  • Carnival Games

  • Sweepstakes

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